Democratizing Drug Discovery

TandemAI is focused on lowering the barrier to entry to the most advanced tools in drug discovery. The company’s fully integrated pre-clinical drug discovery platform is designed to empower researchers to discover therapeutic candidates faster and more efficiently by increasing access to structured and networked data.

By democratizing access to the most innovative tools in drug discovery, TandemAI hopes to dramatically improve the success rate of pre-clinical therapeutic candidates and, ultimately, help improve the lives of people waiting for new treatment options. The Company’s suite of physics-based drug discovery tools and custom-built supercomputing infrastructure allows researchers to develop therapeutic drug candidates more quickly and accurately.

TandemAI helps researchers search for therapeutic candidates from ultra-large virtual libraries, optimize lead compounds and efficiently explore chemical space for novel scaffolds with rigorous physics-based free-energy calculations. The Company’s data-rich machine learning models help our clients direct compounds toward favorable pharmacological properties.




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