Full-Life Technologies

From Half-Life to Full-Life

Full-Life Technologies is a fully integrated global nuclear health company seeking to own the entire value chain for radio-ligand production, research, development and commercialization and deliver clinical impact for patients. The Company has the ability to produce its own radio-isotopes across two sites in Belgium and China to address the unmet medical needs of Eurasian and Western patients.

Full-Life’s nuclear platform takes a wholistic approach to addressing the global shortage of radio-isotopes by encompassiing the supply of nuclear materials, production of nuclear medicines, logistics and local radio-pharmacy partnerships. The Full-Life core platform seeks to attack two core issues that exist in radio-pharmaceuticals today: (1) the ability to produce radio-isotopes in high quality and quantity and (2) the need for an innovative translational and biology research platform targeting the radio-pharma treatments of tomorrow.




Shanghai, China with operations in China and the European Union